Miami Leading in the Crypto Race…This Time, With its Own City-Based Coin

Earlier this year, Mayor Suarez of Miami, Florida stated that he intended to make Miami a major hub for technology and cryptocurrency. His progressive leadership has already established Miami as a rising hot-spot that is embracing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency and supporting the tech industry overall. Miami has long been viewed as a “center of culture […]

Democratizing Data & Financial Services Solutions: Webinar Highlights

On July 21, I attended a fascinating webinar hosted by CommPRO. The webinar was called Democratizing Data & Financial Services Solutions. This webinar gave insight and predictions as to where we are in the world of financial communication and financial technology and where we may be going. Although there were several speakers with incredible panels, the […]

The World of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: Webinar Highlights

On July 6th, DC Finance, a global family office and high net worth individual community, hosted a webinar, “The World of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies,”that included several speakers and an audience from all over the world. In this brief recap, I am going to highlight some of the speakers that most stood out to me: The first […]

Stablecoins Have Your Back

“Coins.” “Crypto.” “Bitcoin.” We hear these terms quite frequently in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology; but, what exactly is a “stablecoin?” You may see the ticker USDC on your digital wallet but wonder what it really is? I know I did. Stablecoins are an interesting subset of cryptocurrency and have ample emerging use […]

What’s the Deal with Coins vs Tokens? Does it Even Matter?

Cryptocurrency coins and tokens are unique subclasses of digital assets; however, many people often use the terms cryptocurrency coins and tokens interchangeably. While the two may have similar properties, they are different in numerous ways. A Token For Your Thoughts A token is a subset of cryptocurrency and a unit of value that is developed […]

9000+ Cryptocurrencies; 1 Planet

Over the past few weeks, significant attention has been drawn to the environmental impact of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. One of the many causes of this environmental exposure and movement was driven by a tweet by Elon Musk. Musk stated that Tesla would not accept Bitcoin any longer and the company would hold onto the […]

Take a Look Back to See What’s Ahead

Prior to the development and mass adoption of the internet, many were skeptical of its capabilities and influence. In a 1995 Newsweek article, Clifford Stoll stated, “The truth is no online database will replace your daily newspaper, no CD-ROM can take the place of a competent teacher and no computer network will change the way […]

Miami Crypto Experience: My First Ever Crypto and Blockchain Conference

This past week I attended my first crypto and blockchain conference in Miami, Florida. The conference, Miami Crypto Experience, hosted over 25 workshops and invited over 40 vendors to attend the event. The conference brought together crypto and blockchain enthusiasts and leaders from various regions for an unforgettable experience. The attendees at this event ranged from […]

Making the Grade: Top Blockchain and Crypto U.S. Universities

As I contemplated which law school to attend, my decision was influenced by the various opportunities offered by the universities. Just like students all over the world, the decision to attend a school comes down to a plethora of factors. For me, one of these factors was considerations surrounding crypto, blockchain, and the overall fintech […]