Miami Crypto Experience: My First Ever Crypto and Blockchain Conference

This past week I attended my first crypto and blockchain conference in Miami, Florida. The conference, Miami Crypto Experience, hosted over 25 workshops and invited over 40 vendors to attend the event. The conference brought together crypto and blockchain enthusiasts and leaders from various regions for an unforgettable experience. The attendees at this event ranged from […]

Making the Grade: Top Blockchain and Crypto U.S. Universities

As I contemplated which law school to attend, my decision was influenced by the various opportunities offered by the universities. Just like students all over the world, the decision to attend a school comes down to a plethora of factors. For me, one of these factors was considerations surrounding crypto, blockchain, and the overall fintech […]

Webinar on Alternative Opportunities in Fund Management

From GDA Capital Wealth Management Summit: On March 23, GDA Capital hosted the Wealth Management Summit. The last session of the day was moderated by Zach Friedman, COO, GDA Capital with panelists: Nick Birnbaum, Partner, Alpha Sigma Capital, James Haft, PAL Capital, and Jeremy Gardner, Augur. The panel shared different perspectives on the cryptocurrency and […]

Wild West Meets Blockchain Smart City

In the next decade, the desert state of Nevada has the potential to become a fertile blockchain and crypto haven. Nevada is the perfect candidate state to be a crypto and blockchain hub for not only the vast amount of land that it offers, but also for its cheap power and relatively inexpensive energy costs. Considering […]

Miami is ‘Hot’ for Crypto

Miami offers so much to its residents and tourists from around the world. What’s next on the horizon for Miami? The city of Miami, Florida is looking to become a major crypto hub; and, this goal seems to be achievable under the leadership of Mayor Suarez. Mayor Suarez states, “I’m working day and night to […]

Bitcoin Hits the Balance Sheet

Alpha Sigma Capital Research Report Highlights: Wedbush sees as much as 5% of the S&P500 companies putting a percent of their balance sheet cash into Bitcoin. ARK Invest estimates that if 1% of all cash held by S&P500 companies were allocated to BTC, the price of BTC would rise by $40K. If 10% of all […]

Top Crypto Friendly States: The Race is On!

According to RewardExpert, 80% of adults in the United States have heard of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, while only 10% have actually invested in it. This percentage is thought to be minimal, as there is a lack of education around cryptocurrency in general. In part, due to a lack of education, 50% of people surveyed commented […]

Bitcoin and S&P 500: The Perfect Couple or is Uncoupling in the Future?

Bitcoin has been said to be analogous to gold, calling the cryptocurrency the new “digital gold.” Many have also referred to Bitcoin as a “store of value” or “safe haven asset.” However, it’s becoming more evident that Bitcoin does not fulfill the role of any of the titles. Data collected indicates that Bitcoin does not […]

Women Watchlist: Crypto & Blockchain Edition

Women’s International Day is a day to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of women in all different industries worldwide. Today, I would like to highlight the amazing women influencing the crypto and blockchain space. Men have long dominated the finance industry, but does crypto and blockchain offer a new outlet for women to take control and influence? […]