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Webinar on Alternative Opportunities in Fund Management

From GDA Capital Wealth Management Summit:

On March 23, GDA Capital hosted the Wealth Management Summit. The last session of the day was moderated by Zach Friedman, COO, GDA Capital with panelists: Nick Birnbaum, Partner, Alpha Sigma Capital, James Haft, PAL Capital, and Jeremy Gardner, Augur. The panel shared different perspectives on the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Highlight Question: [What inning are we in within the crypto and blockchain industry as it relates to baseball?]

Nick: “I agree we are still early. I think it’s kind of ironic that blockchain’s biggest hurdle to adoption is the fact that it has to continually explain itself and be like the star of the show when really it needs to be running the stuff in the back… what inning exactly, I’m not sure; but, we’re still early.”

James: “Honestly I think we’re still in Cooperstown you know, creating the rules… I think people don’t really understand how this is going to happen and how this is going to change us.”

Jeremy: “I think we’re in the early endings of a game where the rules are not fully written but the game is being played and runs have been scored and a sense of momentum has been established.”

To watch the full video click the link below:

Jordana Cohen, Writer and Associate, Alpha Sigma Capital

Jordana joined Alpha Sigma Capital in November 2020 as writer and associate. Jordana graduated magna cum laude from Tulane University with a business major in finance and a minor in Spanish. In addition to her academic accomplishments, she has substantive experience in management and marketing endeavors through her establishment of several start-up events to fundraise for pediatric cancer research. Alpha Sigma Capital is a pioneering digital asset fund that invests in growth companies, private and public equity, mergers and acquisitions, and special situations. Alpha Sigma Capital believes in a fundamental research approach for investing and supporting the blockchain economy; and, it is rigorous in determining the value of such organizations.

Jordana Cohen,


Alpha Sigma Capital

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