PERK Protocol is the first DeFI Human Capital Platform Founded by Veteran HR Technology Strategist, Bill Inman

Hermosa Beach, CA, Sept. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Alpha Sigma Capital Fund, LP, a pioneering multi-strategy digital asset fund focused on the blockchain economy and the shift to a decentralized Web3 infrastructure, initiated research coverage on PERK Protocol.

PERK, founded by Bill Inman, a veteran HR technology strategist, is providing a platform for companies to adapt to changing technological needs rapidly. The platform will help companies adapt to human capital disruptors, including diversity and generational change, career definition changes, the gig economy, pervasive technology, artificial intelligence, job automation, data management, and others. PERK utilizes its unique token to create a borderless and permissionless medium of exchange that allows employers and employees to track human resource tasks, such as recruitment, skill-building, screening, and evaluations.

PERK aims to unite human capital in the decentralized economy, allowing human capital to function at the highest capacity. PERK hosts transactions and payments for a variety of work-related issues, including recruitment, payroll, employee training, and more — all powered by the PERK token. For more information please visit PERK Protocol.

Fair Disclosure: Alpha Sigma Capital Fund invested in the pre-seed round of Perk Protocol and is an advisor to the company.